Happiness! What is happiness?

Happiness has a different meaning for each of us.

Do we know how to define it? Do we need a formal definition of happiness? Maybe not :-)

What the expert says about happiness, and is there a clear definition of happiness?

OK... Happiness is an emotional state in which a person experiences different feelings from contentment and pleasure to complete bliss and excessive joy.

How can we recognize Happiness? When we are happy, we often laugh, laugh a lot and a lot :-), we usually feel a positive emotions, joy, contentment, gratitude and pride.

For someone it is an expensive gift, for others, it is a warm hug from a friend or just a smile of a stranger met on the street, dinner with an old friend or maybe a trip to a distant destination, achieving a goal or even winning a lottery ticket. Each one of us has his idea of happiness.

Usually, it is not about - Where we are, What we have or What we do not have, What we have experienced or What we are thinking to do - happiness is a state of mind.

Happiness and success come from spending our life in our own way.

The most important is to be yourselves. Only one person can make you feel happy and change your life, and this is You.


Text: Lucy

Picture: Stoian

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