Cabo da Roca, it is a unique spot of the world, after all :-)

The perfect mix of the endless ocean and hot sun, colours, stunning and picturesque views!

A few years ago, we had the opportunity to visit Portugal, and from now on, we fall in love with this country. Portugal, a place where the sun shines 290 days a year, is not surprising that it has a long coastline lined with beautiful beaches, swimming pools, and parks to visit. Among these beauties, we can find many cliffs jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean. Cabo da Roca is one of those places. It is just a 40-minute drive from Cabo da Roca to Lisbon.

Strong winds, crashing waves, cliffs and rocks - this is Cabo da Roca. The most Western point in Europe and for a while, was formerly considered the end of the known world.

Cabo da Roca is fantastic place to visit with breathtaking views and many options to hike. For example, a lovely Lighthouse stands 160 meters above sea level and can see the lights as far as 50 km away.

There is also a stone monument on the left side of the nose. On this stone is engraved a short poem. It is written in Portuguese but translates as "here ... where the land ends and the sea begins ..." In addition to the poem, the stone includes the coordinates of Cabo da Roca, its altitude, and the label of the westernmost point of the European continent. Plus, a nice café where you can taste the nice Portuguese coffee with a Sintra pastry.

And just a minute from Cabo da Roca is the mythical Praida da Ursa known as the precious stone of Sintra and located on the west coast of the Atlantic Ocean, north of Cabo da Roca.

The raging Atlantic Ocean waves pound the base of the massive jagged cliffs. It is a place which gave me a special feeling - love, happiness, foredoom, fear and possibility to see the infinity of the sea sharing space with the blue sky.

If you go to Sintra, do not miss the chance to visit the westernmost point of mainland Europe.

It is a must-see and it is a unique spot of the world, after all.


Text: Lucy

Pictures: Lucy


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